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Guide When First Getting Started

You're now ready to begin to gain more understanding and control over your health. While getting started with Veri is easy, here are a few extra tips to make your experience a little bit smoother.

‍Apply the sensor in the evening

Insert the sensor a couple of hours before going to bed - once you apply the sensor there is a 1-hour countdown that will begin in the app. Once the countdown is complete, you will want to scan the sensor at least 1 time before going to sleep. In the first 24-48 hours, the sensor is calibrating and getting settled, and therefore the readings might be less accurate. By applying the sensor in the evening, you are asleep for some of the less accurate readings and when the sensor expires in two weeks, your last day with the sensor isn’t interrupted mid-day.

Always scan the sensor with the top portion of your phone to ensure the NFC connection is made and the sensor will scan properly.

‍Try not to hesitate when applying the sensor and apply with equal and even pressure

When you are ready to push the applicator to your arm, don’t hesitate or reluctantly push but rather just go for it (it does not hurt - we promise πŸ˜‰). There is a spring mechanism that inserts the sensor. It works best when pushed in a swift and assertive manner with equal and even pressure.

‍Protecting the sensor

Take your time applying to prevent the patch from wrinkling. If at all possible, get some help applying the protective patch as it can be tricky to do by yourself.

Kinesthetic tape/sports tape (inexpensive and found in most stores) can be very useful to add extra protection to your sensor if you are active or notice the patch is curling up or getting caught on your clothing.

Scan the sensor as often as you like, but at least once every 8 hours - and especially before you go to bed & right after you wake up.

‍Be Cautious in the first few days

Please be extra careful with the sensor for the first few days, as it can take a while to get used to having it on, and therefore it is more prone to be accidentally pulled off. While the sensor is small, it is still an external part on your body and requires a bit of awareness to keep it safe. After a day or two, you won't even notice it or have to think about it.

‍Tips when starting your journey

Eat & log your typical diet for a few days your first week. This will allow you to see what your baseline looks like with your current food choices and lifestyle. Then experiment and explore with different foods, strategies, and modifications to improve your metabolic health!  Be sure to visit our blog and circle community to connect with other Veri members and learn from each other! Chances are someone has encountered a question you may have and the answer can be found here 😊 If not, we are just a message away in the community or in-app chat!


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