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Studies show glucose monitoring increases client motivation and improves health outcomes when paired with coaching. (sources: 1, 2, 3, 4) Our flexible, full-service platform equips you to offer CGMs and more personalized guidance to your clients.

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Exclusive practitioner prices allow you to pay as you go, only for what you use - no commitments or minimums. 
Support clients who have their own sensors or build sensor packages to bundle into your programs.

Continuous Glucose Monitors

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Abbott Freestyle Libre 14-day CGMs, delivered to your client’s door

Made for coaches

Our dashboard is built in collaboration with practitioners to the highest security standards, so you can access your client’s health data - glucose values, logged meals, meal scores, sleep & activity data, etc - with ease & peace of mind.

GDPR Data Privacy Compliant

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Views

Integrated Nutrition database

iOS & Android Compatible

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Nutritionist Lindsay Young


"Wearing a CGM takes personalized nutrition to the next level. Instead of prescribing a generic diet, I’m able to show my clients in real time how certain foods are impacting their glucose levels. This results in clients who feel empowered to make food and lifestyle choices that are in alignment with their goals."

Lindsay Young, CTNC

Dietician Nutritionist Lauren Kremer


"All of my clients [wear] continuous glucose monitors, and I became an expert at understanding blood sugar, food combinations, and helping clients to balance their blood sugar with lifestyle and dietary modifications."

Lauren Kremer, RDN

Nutritionist Thais Harris


"With the Veri, [my clients] are better at at least taking a picture and writing down [their meals]. I love just being able to then review with them. I help them think critically about what was going on that day ... and it helps them connect the dots [between] information and motivation to eat foods that actually agree with their bodies."

Thais Harris, BCHN

Dietician Anabelle Clebaner


"[Veri] gives clients something tangible to work on and to see that feedback immediately. And I think it also helps with motivation and keeping them accountable when they get those early wins early on in the programs."

Anabelle Clebaner, RD

Woman sits in chair with Veri CGM on her arm


"It is refreshing to see someone else recognizing the potential benefits of utilizing this sensor for individuals who are not diabetic. Your thoughtfully designed dashboard, which enables tracking of not only food but also exercise, movement, and sleep, is truly admirable."

Annonymous RDN

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Our Advisors

Dr. John A. Hawley

Dr. John A. Hawley

Director of the Centre for Exercise & Nutrition at Mary MacKillop Institute
for Health Research (ACU)

Advisor on Glucose, Metabolism & Exercise

Dr. Jessilyn Dunn

Dr. Jessilyn Dunn

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Duke University

Advisor on Wearables & Behavior Change

Dr. Vimal Ramjee

Dr. Vimal Ramjee

Director of Health at Veri, Cardiologist and Culinary Medicine Specialist

Advisor on development of Veri Scores

Dr. Mohammed K. Ali

Dr. Mohammed K. Ali

Vice Chair of Research and Professor of Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine

Advisor on Diabetes Risk & Prevention

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