Achieve Your Health Goals with Veri Coaching

Why Veri Coaching?

  • A diverse selection of hand-picked, licensed health professionals
  • Personalized programs tailored to your unique goals
  • Specializations in weight loss, women’s health, and more
  • Custom plans and price points for ultimate flexibility
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The benefits of coaching.

Whether you’re getting started on your journey or trying to break through a plateau, having a support system can make all the difference. Veri coaching offers a unique blend of guidance and accountability so you can make sense of your data and stick to a plan that works.

How it Works

  • Request a free consultation with one of our Verified Coaches
  • Receive an email, choose a coach based on your goals, and schedule your meeting
  • Meet one-on-one with your coach and see how they can help you achieve your goals
  • Decide whether or not their services are right for you and make the decision to improve your health!

Who are the Coaches?

We have done the research for you and  explored hundreds of health professionals, selecting only the best fit for Veri members.Each coach is a liscensed health professional with  a proven background in their field, aligns with our mision and vision, and - maybe most importantly - has a unique story of their own, so you can feel confident you are in the capable hands of someone who understands.


What is coaching?

Coaching is an added service where a licensed health professionals provide support and guidance to help Veri members better understand their bodies and reach their goals. To get more information, we’d recommend booking a free consultation with a coach of your preference.

Are the coaches Veri employees?

No. Coaches are Veri partners that share our vision and mission. We have a thorough vetting process for all of the coaches in our network.

Is there a coach that can help with my specific issues?

We have partnered with practitioners from all different backgrounds and regions in order to ensure there is a coach that you feel both comfortable with, and confident in their abilities to help you. That said, if there is something in particular you haven’t been able to find in one of our coaches, please let us know!

What are the coaches’ credentials?

All coaches in our network are active health professionals with diverse skillsets, including: nutritional therapists, naturopathic doctors (NDs), personal trainers, and glucose experts. Information on each individual coach’s credentials can be found within their profile.

How much does coaching cost?

It depends - but all of our coaches offer a free consultation for you to better understand their plans and pricing options. They all offer different programs and price points that can be customized to you - most offer 1:1 sessions, but some have group offerings and other plans that may be of interest as well!

Can I schedule a consultation with more than one coach?

We encourage you to think about who would be the best fit before requesting a consultation. That said, if after your meeting you didn’t think that coach was the right fit, you are welcome  to see if someone else might be a better match!

Do I need to be a current Veri member in order to start coaching?

No, but it helps. Like us, our coaches believe that improved wellbeing is achieved through metabolic health. Wearing a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and seeing the impact foods and lifestyle on your health is a great way to get data to share and work through with your coach. Need sensors? Check out the shop page!

I am a health practitioner. Can I become a Coach with Veri?

All of our coaches come from our affiliate program. If you are not a part of our affiliate program, please apply! If you are an affiliate, please contact us directly and we can review your background and see if we believe you are a good fit for the program.