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Discover what foods and habits work for you with the first metabolic health program powered by your data.

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Blood sugar is key
to better health

Veri is more than a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). Our program provides the data and guidance you need to find the right foods for you, stabilize your blood sugar levels, and achieve your health goals.

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Fix the root cause

Blood sugar fluctuations can lead to hormonal imbalances linked to dozens of symptoms and chronic illnesses, even for people without diabetes. We show you how to get back in balance.

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Increase energy

Curb cravings

Avoid chronic illness

Reduce inflammation

Manage your weight

Lower your A1C

No diets, no drugs

Our program combines instant feedback from a CGM, educational content, guided actions, and progress tracking. We make finding your ideal diet and improving your habits simple and sustainable.

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Take a look inside

Blood sugar data from a CGM can be hard to interpret on its own. The Veri app makes it easy to understand and take action.

blood sugar data from a cgm


Veri brings together your blood sugar, food, sleep, and activity data to paint a complete picture of your diet and habits.

blood sugar, food, sleep, and activity data to paint a complete picture of your diet and habits


Our app scores and saves all your meals based on your glucose response and the quality of ingredients, so you can find the best foods for your body.

meal scores and daily scores from blood sugar


Veri empowers you through our evidence-based program with engaging content from our health team plus data-driven recommendations.

evidence-based program with engaging content from our health team plus data-driven recommendations


See your changes working with our comprehensive metabolic health metric co-developed with Veri’s advisors of researchers and physicians.

78% of members using Veri make lasting changes to their diet

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Improve metabolic health

"Learning why and how to regulate my glucose levels through Veri has been a surprising paradigm shift. I now know what and when to eat, sleep, and exercise for optimal health, at the root 
of which is metabolic health."


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Curb cravings

"Veri personalized everything I had learned. It made it more specific. Fine tuning nutrition, health and fitness is what it’s all about and Veri’s powerful app takes the numbers and outputs it into usable data."


veri member travis weight loss story

Lose weight

"This has been instrumental in my making good and healthy decisions for food! I see immediate impact of food choices on my blood sugar. Choosing foods that have low impact has improved my health tremendously in a very short time. I’ve lost 45 lbs in 3 months."


veri member hannah increased energy

Increase energy

"I love being able to work with my body rather than trying to apply generic advice. I think having access to a CGM is empowering and shifts mindsets away from looking externally for solutions to looking internally - and that's where the power is!"


veri member ionela reduced inflammation with veri cgm program

Reduce inflammation

"I'm happy that I discovered Veri. This is game changing, when you have something that gives you the green check, you know you can eat this, because this is okay for you, this works for you"


veri member sabena smiling after lowering a1c levels with veri

Lower A1C

"Veri was one of the most education and insightful things I did to learn about metabolic health."


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