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Manage Membership

Adjust your plan at any time.

Membership Options

Monthly Plans

Receive 2 sensors every month with the freedom to cancel at any time. Or commit for three or six months and get a discount for the remainder of your membership.

Bring Your Own Device Plans

Have access to your own sensors, but still want to take advantage of the Veri app? Switch to our bring your own device plan and keep all the benefits of Veri, without receiving sensors from us.

Minimum Commitments

Commit to your health goal and lock in discounts for the remainder of your membership, regardless of plan!

It’s your membership, it should fit your goals and lifestyles.

Adjust your plan at anytime - skip shipments, change plans, or cancel all in one easy place.

Manage Membership

Contract plans can be adjusted, but the effects will not take place until the term is complete.