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Our Vision

Ending the metabolic health crisis

We want to help more people feel better in their bodies, through the power of what they put into them every day.

The origins of Veri

Veri was conceived from our personal encounters with illness. We felt a frustration and a lack of agency around the metabolic health crisis, so we set out to solve it.

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Why does Veri exist

Veri exists to end the metabolic health crisis by giving people power over their health, through equitable access to the latest science and technology.

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What we believe in

Our Nordic heritage shapes our values and drives us to create sustainable, personalized solutions for our members.

Everyone deserves to be healthy

Health is not just a luxury, but a fundamental human right. Every individual is entitled to the chance for optimal health and wellbeing.

Every body is unique

Your body is as unique as your fingerprint. It deserves personalized attention and care tailored to its specific needs.

Power lies in the collective

The collective power of like-minded individuals working together can become an unstoppable force for transformative change.

Openness and transparency

We operate with utmost transparency, ensuring that our processes, practices, and intentions are open to our customers.

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Our stories

Anttoni Aniebonam

Co-Founder, CEO

"I'll never forget the pain and confusion I endured momentarily losing my health in my teens. An injury changed my outlook on life and brought with it various issues related to weight management and wellbeing. I lost touch with my body forcing me to get to know it again."

Anttoni Aniebonam

Anni Harju

Head of Finance and Operations

"What truly unites our team is our shared belief that health is the ultimate wealth. Working together to end the metabolic health crisis with an aim to give people more healthy years fuels our Mondays with excitement and purpose."

Anni Harju

Verneri Jäämuru

Co-Founder, CPO

"The complete loss of my health, and the solitude of having to find my own answers, shaped me in ways I could only appreciate years later. It's now clear a burning passion to understand human health and a desire to help others avoid the pain of losing it have guided me ever since."

Verneri Jäämuru

Tia Tuovinen

Head of Customer Love

"Since my teenage years, I've struggled with my weight, body image and health. I made arbitrary rules about what I 'should' and 'should not' eat, with no basis on science and to the detriment of my wellbeing. With Veri I feel we can help people get an understanding of their day to day choices, and support our users on a path to a more balanced life, where they are in control."

Tia Tuovinen

Vimal Ramjee

Director of Health

"I take care of people who are at the end of the line every day –advanced cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, heart failure, strokes, hypertension, and diabetes. Seeing death and suffering day in and day out have compelled me to step back and look for new ways to help people so that they don't develop chronic health issues. Why wait for the house to burn down when you can put the flame out?"

Vimal Ramjee

Finland trees

We are Veri

Veri means blood in Finnish. It’s where we were born, the land of the happiest people in the world.