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Veri Partnerships

Working with health professionals, content creators, and media producers to end the global metabolic health crisis

Why join?

Veri's mission is to help people achieve better metabolic health through science-based behavior change and CGM feedback. Together we can help educate and improve lives worldwide.

Our three programs are tailored to support different types of partners and can be used in parallel. Apply to whichever match your needs.

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Let's face these facts together

Veri exists to solve the metabolic health crisis by developing accessible, positivity-spreading products and services that enable people to take control of their health, but we can't do this alone.

1.9 billion people are metabolically unhealthy

74% of US adults are overweight or obese

37% take health advice from influencers

Our programs

Meet a Veri Partner

Lauren Kremer is a Registered Dietitian, Mom of two, and Veri Partner. She participates in all three of Veri's Partner programs: creating content on Instagram as an Affiliate, using the Veri for Coaches platform with clients, and hosting Veri guest speakers in her online courses.

Lauren Kremer Coaching Spotlight

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