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Coach Spotlight: Anabelle Clebaner, RD

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Anabelle Clebaner is a Registered Dietitian who specializes in fertility. She completed her Masters of Nutrition Science and Behavioral Change from Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition and Policy in 2018. After completing 1200 hours of clinical supervision and passing the RD exam, Anabelle opened her own private practice, Wellspring Nutrition, in 2020. Since then, she has had the privilege of helping hundreds of women globally. Her goal is to continue to educate and empower women during their reproductive years.

The Shift Program x Veri 

Veri worked with Anabelle to show the best way to implement Veri into a group practice through a pilot program called "Shift."

Her clients received support from Anabelle and weekly meal plans and CGMs provided by Veri, live group coaching, and custom macro recommendations from Anabelle and Peyton Lessard, MS Nutrition, a Veri Research Team Member.

How Shift worked:

  • 4 live weekly coaching calls
  • 30 days of Voxer chat support
  • Custom macronutrient prescription
  • 1-month use of free CGMs and Veri app access

Balancing blood sugar was the missing piece in the puzzle for Anabelle’s fertility program. By using CGMs paired with the Veri app, clients were able to see in real-time their response to not only the meal plan but also exercise, stress, and sleep. Anabelle and Peyton provided one-on-one tailored video feedback using the Veri for Coaches dashboard. By looking at each individual’s glucose data along with meals, sleep, and exercise logging, the clients could make adjustments during the program accordingly.

We caught up with Anabelle to learn more about her experience using Veri in her program.

A conversation with Anabelle on using Veri

Peyton Lessard: Why did you decide to create the Shift Program?

Anabelle Clebaner: I created the Shift Program because I kept seeing the same thing happening with my one-on-one clients where they wanted to take different supplements or we were doing different lab tests, but we were skipping over the step of balancing blood sugar. I really wanted to do a program that utilized a continuous glucose monitor to get more of that real-time data and to help clients see exactly what they were eating was impacting their blood sugar.

So the Shift Program is a 30-day blood reset program. We provide all of our students with four weekly meal plans. I create custom macronutrients for them. We provide them with a 30-day CGM, and we also have live weekly group coaching calls, as well as chat tech support. And all of that is really to help our students not only have the CGM but also have the extra accountability and coaching that's required when you're making a big shift in your nutrition.

Peyton Lessard: How was Veri incorporated into the program?

Anabelle Clebaner: So they provided all of the CGMs for the program, a staff member from Veri came to all the live calls and talked about the four pillars that Veri has. And it was just a really great partnership because we were able to combine Veri’s program goals and mission with the mission and goals of the Shift Program.

Peyton Lessard: How was the Veri for coaches dashboard helpful for implementing Veri into the program?

Anabelle Clebaner: We used the coaching dashboard in a few ways. First, we were able to look at everyone's data on a daily, weekly, and monthly view. So, we were able to see trends that were happening for each of the participants. We also did a video recording to provide to students inside of the Shift Program. That was really helpful as well because we were able to give very tailored responses, so not only generalized help and coaching, but also specific coaching based on CGM data.

Peyton Lessard: What measures did you evaluate?

Anabelle Clebaner: In terms of the measurements, we looked at meal scores, daily scores, morning fasting glucose, average glucose, and glucose variability, and all of those things were inside of the Veri app. We were able to see those scores and quantify them. We took baseline measurements and then measurements in the middle and at the end of the program. And then, qualitatively, we looked at cycle health energy, mood, and weight loss.

Peyton Lessard: What did your clients learn about Veri and the impacts of blood sugar regulation during this program?

Anabelle Clebaner: Clients learned a lot. We were able to ask them exactly what they did learn from the 30 day program and some of the responses were that they learned how overall blood sugar worked. They learned about certain foods and activities that spike their blood sugar. They learned how stress affects blood sugar and how to eat in a balanced way. They also reported just knowing more about how their specific body responded to glucose and their glucose response to different foods. Some clients played around with it and tested different things to see how it would spike their blood sugar. And just in general, they are able to eat in a more balanced way and they all had really incredible results as at the end of the 30-day program.

Peyton Lessard: What was the most exciting thing you learned about using Veri with your clients?

Anabelle Clebaner: I think the most exciting thing about using a Veri dashboard and the CGM with clients is that they were able to take more control in their own hands. So rather than relying on me all the time to tell them what to eat, I was able to almost step back and just give them guidance and they were able to see exactly what they were eating and how that was impacting their blood sugar. So I think it kind of helped empower them a little bit more so that they were able to see on their own and make those changes rather than me being the only person telling them to make those changes. So, I think having the data and the feedback there immediately was really helpful for them.

Peyton Lessard: How will you continue to use Veri with your current and future clients?

Anabelle Clebaner: So, after working with the Shift Program, I've decided to include Veri in all of my coaching programs. So we are launching a new group coaching program, and the first month of that group coaching program is going to be focused on blood sugar management and using a CGM. I've also started to incorporate it with my one-on-one clients again because we saw such amazing results. From this 30-day program, I know that it's just going to be such a helpful tool in my practice again, to give clients something tangible to work on and to see that feedback immediately. And I think it also helps with motivation and keeping them accountable when they get those early wins early on in the programs.

Here’s what her clients had to say after the pilot program:

  • “I’m feeling like I have a ton more energy throughout the day, and I’m more satisfied and full in between meals. Feel like my skin has cleared up a ton, too!”
  • “So cool seeing how different foods affect my blood sugar and overall impressed that it seems to be in the normal range! Cramp free and regular period, less breast tenderness, learning about macros and realizing I was probably eating too much fat.”
  • “Gaining insight into my blood sugar response to my eating habits and what macros are appropriate for my body — still haven’t hit them, but I’ll work to get there!”
  • “Making me more accountable with prioritizing my needs to feel at my optimal best.”
  • “Get an understanding of macros needed to set for goals, increase protein intake, and understand what foods spike my blood sugar.”

To start using Veri in your practice and to become a Veri coach today, please visit our Coaching page to learn more.

Written by: Peyton Lessard, MS
Reviewed by: Alex Corindia

Table of Contents

  • The Shift Program x Veri
  • A conversation with Anabelle on using Veri


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