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How Does Veri Work?

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There’s been an explosion of interest in glucose monitoring for non-diabetics in the past two years. And there’s a good reason: 93% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy, and the numbers aren’t much better for the rest of the world [1].

But only 10% of that unhealthy population is considered Type 2 diabetic [2].

That’s because metabolic health is a spectrum, not a binary between diabetic and non-diabetic. And it’s hard to understand where you are on that spectrum and how to improve.

The metabolic health crisis

We live in a food environment corrupted by corporations pushing disease-causing, addictive products, and a health environment focused on treating the sick. 

We’ve been pushed pills rather than prevention and buried in an avalanche of one-size-fits-all advice. 

More and more people are realizing that by tapping into their blood sugar, understanding where they are on the metabolic health spectrum, and making diet and lifestyle changes based on their glucose response, they can take back control of their metabolic health.

The best part? It relies on their unique biological data — not an opinion from someone else or an average data point on a chart. 

Whether it’s extending healthspan, reversing insulin resistance, or losing weight, the underlying principle is understanding how to effectively stabilize your blood sugar in a healthy, sustainable way.

But a CGM alone is often an unreliable tool because the raw data lacks meaning, insights, and guidance. 

That’s why we created the Veri Method.

What is the Veri Method?

Research shows that the four most powerful levers you can pull for metabolic health are food, exercise, sleep, and stress — so everything we do in the Veri app is designed around making improvements in those areas. 

They are your metabolic habits.

Veri shows you which habits are serving your body and which aren’t, then guides you to build lasting habits that will compound over time into better metabolic health.

Think of it like a feedback loop. 

For example: you eat something, see exactly how that meal impacted your blood sugar, and we guide you to make small adjustments to improve the next time. It’s a positive loop of continuous learning and improvement. 

By focusing on your metabolic habits rather than vague outcomes, you can make small changes every day that produce big results.

graphic of the veri method

The Veri app can be broken into four parts, each designed to keep your positive feedback loop going: 

  1. Tracking 
  2. Scoring 
  3. Guidance 
  4. Outcomes


Whether it’s what you eat, how you sleep, or when you work out, you need a simple way of tracking your habits so they can be analyzed against your glucose response. 

For some, the word “tracking” immediately turns their stomach because they think of all the hours they’ve spent counting calories. 

And we see you.

That’s why we’ve prioritized ease and automation so you can spend less time tracking, and more time doing. 

Logging your food is simple with smart suggestions from almost 1 million foods, and you can easily add your favorite meals with one tap — or set a routine to add your go-to breakfast every day automatically.

two phone screens showing example of logged foods in the veri app

While most people think about food when they think of blood sugar, your sleep and exercise play a key role in your metabolic health. The same food can have an entirely different effect depending on how well you’ve slept, when you exercise, and if you’re stressed. 

Veri automatically imports your sleep and exercise data from Apple Health or Google Fit so you can build better habits without the hassle.

If weight loss is a goal, you can easily add your weight or sync it from Apple Health or Google Fit.

single phone screen showing example of logging lifestyle events into veri app


Veri is designed to help you find the right foods for you. But glucose levels on their own can be hard to interpret. Veri makes it easy by giving you a score for each meal.

The Meal Score brings together evidence-based glucose measures to rate your meal from 1 to 10. The score integrates glucose fluctuation, glucose rise, time above your ideal range, and after-meal average glucose level, and Food Quality [3-6]. Food Quality is a feature we developed that categorizes foods based on how processed they are, nutritional quality, and glycemic index.

A higher score reflects a meal with a more stable glucose response and better food quality. A lower score reflects a meal with a less stable glucose response and lower food quality.

The result? 

You’ll understand exactly what foods work for your body and which don’t without having to dig into the raw data. No more depending on general advice or hot diet trend.

Every week you’ll get a report showing where you’ve done well, and where you can improve.


First-time users of CGMs not using Veri will often feel a little lost with all the data.

Veri helps you understand and act on your body’s data with engaging daily guidance and goals that take you step-by-step through our evidence-based program, so you’re never left guessing how to make consistent progress. You'll get actionable, bite-sized lessons built by our health team to put you in the driver’s seat of your metabolic health.  

You’ll also have access to our private community directly through the app, where users exchange ideas, success stories, and recipes.

two phone screens showing example of guidance within veri app


We said at the top that most people don’t know where they are on the spectrum of metabolic health. 

We decided to end that problem.

Metabolic Healthspan is the period of your life spent in good metabolic health. 

It’s your way of understanding exactly how the diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes you’re making add up to improved health outcomes.

Metabolic Healthspan was co-developed with Veri’s advisors of researchers, endocrinologists, and cardiologists from universities like Stanford and Harvard and institutions such as the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Our metric integrates five evidence-based metrics shown to have the biggest impact on your healthspan — average glucose, morning fasting glucose, glucose variability, glucose oscillation, and body mass index (BMI) [7-10]. 

Rather than depending on a yearly A1C test that only shows you your average glucose, Metabolic Healthspan shows you exactly where you are on the spectrum of metabolic health so you can take back control of your well-being.

two phone screens showing example of metabolic healthspan feature in veri app

Key takeaways

Whether your goal is to lose weight, reverse insulin resistance, or extend your healthy years, stabilizing your blood sugar is critical.

Veri’s unique approach combines the glucose data of a CGM with insights and guidance that empower you to achieve stable blood sugar levels and take back your metabolic health. 



Written by: Alex Corindia
Reviewed by: Emily Johnson, MSc RD

Table of Contents

  • The metabolic health crisis
  • What is the Veri Method?
  • Key takeaways


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