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Coach Spotlight: Lindsay Young

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What is Veri for Coaches?

Veri for Coaches is a flexible new platform that allows dietitians, nutritionists, and other health practitioners to easily integrate Veri into their practices.

Veri enables coaches to offer more personalized guidance with real-time access to their client’s glucose levels, meal logging, workout routines, and other important health metrics.  A clinical study found that clients had significantly better outcomes in weight loss, fat loss, and metabolic health markers when using a CGM alongside nutrition education and coaching than with nutrition education alone.

Approved partner coaches can purchase CGMs on behalf of their clients, then securely access their clients’ data via our Coaching Dashboard software, whether they are working remotely with clients 1:1 or in clinical or group formats. The dashboard integrates seamlessly with the Veri mobile app, so the client experience is simple and user-friendly. 

With over 170 coaches and counting, we believe the power of data and measurement is key for coaches and clients alike as they pursue metabolic health and build new habits.  

If you’re a practitioner looking to use Veri for Coaches, you can apply for access today

If you're an individual looking for extra support on your metabolic health journey,  browse our coaching directory on our community platform to find one of our Veri-approved coaches.

Veri in Practice with Coach Lindsay Young

Lindsay ( is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, with over 15 years of experience guiding clients to better health both online and in-person.

Using the Veri for Coaches dashboard, Lindsay now includes CGM feedback in her coaching. We interviewed her about how this has shifted her practice:

What does (metabolic) health mean to you? 

To me, metabolic health is more than just the absence of metabolic syndrome or disease. Every cell in our body needs energy in order to function, and optimal metabolic health means that all of those functions are performing at their very best. There’s a vast range between “optimal health” and “disease diagnosis” and I find so many people are lost somewhere in the murky middle: knowing they could feel better, longing for more energy, and watching their metabolic health markers trend towards the danger zone without knowing how to turn things around.

To me, metabolic health is more than the absence of high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, BMI in the obesity range, and unstable blood sugar levels. Metabolic health is waking up every morning and having all the energy you need to tackle what life throws at you that day; it’s being able to think clearly and sharply, to easily maintain your ideal weight, to have a robust immune system and strong sex drive, and to feel calm and collected in a world full of anxiety and stress.

What inspired you to become a coach?

I was initially drawn to health and fitness through the sports medicine world. Spending many years working as a Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, I began to realize more and more than the results my clients were hoping to achieve through exercise were most heavily impacted by the food they ate. Nutrition is a small hinge that swings a big door, and I knew if I could help people capitalize on that hinge, I could improve their health in a far greater way than what we could accomplish in the gym for a few hours each week. I went back to school in 2013 to study nutrition and quickly fell in love with the concept of food as medicine. I knew this was the way I could have the biggest impact on people’s lives.

What is one small thing you would recommend everyone try to improve their well-being? 

Get outside for a 20-minute walk every single day.

Walking is the most underrated form of exercise yet the benefits are wide-ranging for both our physical and mental health. From setting circadian rhythm to improving balance and boosting metabolism, along with enhancing mood and lowering stress, walking is something we should be practicing every day. It’s also great for balancing blood sugar!

How has using Veri CGMs changed your coaching practice? 

Wearing a CGM takes personalized nutrition to the next level. Instead of prescribing a generic diet, I’m able to show my clients in real time how certain foods are impacting their glucose levels. This results in clients who feel empowered to make food and lifestyle choices that are in alignment with their goals. It combines education with accountability in a way I’ve never been able to provide using other tools, giving you extreme ownership over your health. 

What was the most surprising thing you personally learned from using Veri? 

When I first strapped on a Veri CGM I was really surprised by the incredible ability the app and monitor have to create behavior change. It’s one thing to have education and know that what you’re doing is causing an impact on your glucose levels; it's a whole other experience to see that data on your app in real-time. The app is easy to understand and instantly gain feedback from. Having meal scores and daily scores, and seeing how your metabolic habits impact blood sugar levels instantly incentivizes you to make choices that are better for your health. As a coach, I have found that education alone isn’t always enough to actually create habit change. Combining education with accountability in a way that is fun and rewarding is a magical combination!

What metric do you watch most closely when working with a client?

It’s a tie between fasting glucose and postprandial glucose.

fasting glucose and postprandial glucose chart

I’m always curious to watch what is happening with fasting glucose over time as we are making changes to diet and lifestyle, but where I am giving the most coaching instruction is around what happens to blood sugar in the two to three hours following a meal.

graph depicting what happens to glucose after meal

I like to watch how high blood glucose rises after a meal and how long it takes to come back to baseline.

If you’re a practitioner looking to use Veri for Coaches, you can apply for access today

If you're an individual looking for extra support on your metabolic health journey,  browse our coaching directory on our community platform to find one of our Veri-approved coaches.

Written by: The Veri Team
Reviewed by: Alex Corindia

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