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Watch this: Sugar – The Bitter Truth

At Veri, we don’t pretend to have all the answers. But we’re curious enough about metabolic health that we’ve uncovered the people who do.

And when it comes to sugar and metabolic health, there’s no better resource than this seminal lecture by Robert Lustig, entitled, ‘Sugar: TheBitter Truth.’ It’s a must-watch for anyone concerned about weight loss or blood glucose.

Below is a highlight of the main points, incase you don’t have time for the full video.

“A calorie is not a calorie, and the dietitians in this country are actually perpetrating this on us. Because the more you think a calorie is a calorie, the more you think, well then if you ate less and exercise more it would work. It doesn’t.” – Robert Lustig

Lustig,an MD and Professor emeritus of Pediatric Endocrinology at USCF, is a global influencer in metabolic health who’s written six critically acclaimed books on the relationship between sugar and disease.

He’s also a bit of a badass… We love him because he’s not afraid to call out the food industries and government agencies responsible for sabotaging our health.

In ‘The Bitter Truth,’ Lustig explodes the nutrition norms that have pervaded the last 50 years of institutional recommendations. Namely, Lustig calls out myths like “fat makes you fat,” and“all calories are equal,” showing how changes in government policy lead to increases in poor quality, high-sugar foods.

He makes good use of charts from studies that show how things like fruit juice consumption increases the risk for type 2diabetes and is directly related to changes in BMI; and he explains how fructose is the main antagonist to our metabolic health.

Here are some highlights from the presentation:

·     soft drinks were engineered to make people thirstier and crave more sugary beverages – and they over doubled in size, too

·     fructose makes you hungrier because it bypasses ghrelin, the hunger hormone

·     in children, each additional sugar-sweetened drink over a 1.5 year followup increases the risk of obesity by as much as 60% [1]

·     as fat consumption has gone down, sugar consumption – and metabolic illness – has gone up

·     the main study demonizing fat refused to consider sugar as part of the disease equation [2]

·     a lack of dietary fiber has reduced our odds of achieving metabolic health

·     high insulin (from a high sugar, high fat diet) prevents leptin from telling your brain that you’re satisfied from what you ate

·     to improve your metabolic health and lose weight, do these four things:

#1 toss every ounce of sugary liquid in your house

#2 eat your carbs with fiber (salad, veggies)

#3 wait 20 minutes before getting seconds (helps you recognize that you’re full)

#4 ‘purchase’ screen time from yourself with exercise: 1 minute of exercise gets you 1 minute of screen time

If knowledge is power, then this video by Robert Lustig is metabolic DYNAMITE. So more power to you and to your metabolic health! And don’t forget to experiment with Lustig’s four tips. 🙃🙃🙃🙃

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