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Celebrating Four Years of Veri

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A message from CEO and Co-Founder, Anttoni Aniebonam

It's been four years since we embarked on the journey of Veri.

For me, Veri began from a profound need and desire to improve my own health and the health of my family. Like many of you, I have lost precious years with my loved ones due to complications from poor metabolic health.

To alleviate this pain, I and the team that shares this sentiment have worked hard, hearts full of joy, to help nearly 35,000 people so far reach a better state of metabolic health, and every day, we get to serve and have a meaningful impact in people’s lives that internal pain which led us here grows smaller.

Seeing and hearing the stories from you our loved customers who some now enjoy variety of foods without guilt, fit into clothes they last wore in university, and can play and run around with their kids and grandkids, means the world to us.

I’m proud to say that this month marks the fourth anniversary of Veri. These years have been both the most thrilling and meaningful years of my life.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for trusting Veri and supporting our mission of ending the metabolic health crisis, one person at a time.

Below are some milestones we are proud to share with all of you.

Our product has come a long way. Starting from a simple tool to a robust step-by-step program to educate and guide our users through the complexities of metabolic health.

iphone showing 2020 interface and 2024 interface comparison

And it's helped us reach more people like you. We've hit some crazy milestones recently, like 35,000 users, 2.5 million meals logged, and 22 million glucose hours tracked. That's over 2,500 years!

A list accomplishments as of 2024

Here's to the next four years! We're proud to continue our mission to end the metabolic health crisis.

To good health,

Anttoni Aniebonam

Written by: Anttoni Aniebonam
Reviewed by: The Veri Team

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  • A message from CEO and Co-Founder, Anttoni Aniebonam


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