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We're off the waitlist!

We’re thrilled to announce that Veri is now out of the waitlist and available to everyone with an iOS device.

With this post, we wanted to share some of the learnings and insights we’ve gained over the one and a half years and how these learnings have shaped our thought process in building what Veri is today.

Sixteen months ago, a team of five people launched the beta version of Veri to a closed group of lucky users. The vision was simple: make glucose monitoring more accessible to people without diabetes to monitor their everyday habits and wellbeing.

The waitlist has been an essential part of our story so far. It has allowed us to work with our early members to build Veri’s core features in a union, trying to solve the metabolic health and challenges anyone can face in their everyday lives.

Today, the Veri team has grown into a company and the vision into a movement. More than 116,000 people have joined our waitlist and more than 5,000 people are already users of Veri, gaining powerful signals of their bodies every day. Poor metabolic health is becoming one of the biggest threats to the human race and we exist to change the course together with you.

Food over everything

Why do people join Veri? We learned that most of our users are trying to find the right foods for them to lose weight or to improve their metabolic health. It’s no secret the food we eat has the most significant single impact on our metabolic health, and hence we doubled down on building features and improving our algorithms to support these objectives around eating right. There’s no healthy diet, but a healthy person that derives from the right personal diet.

While optimising for athletic performance, lowering stress levels, and improving sleep is of great importance for so many of you, we hope to expand our offering for you to do just this.

All your health data in one place

Your body’s response to food doesn’t happen in a silo. Your lifestyle habits have an enormous impact on how your glucose responds to food.We learned that many of our users were already using other wearables to track their health and everyday habits. With this insight, we improved Veri’s connectivity with different wearables, automatically fetching exercise and sleep data from Apple Health to Veri. In addition, we built features helping users to understand and predict how exercise, sleep, and meal timing, and previous meals can impact their food responses.

Commitment + consistency = ✨

The most satisfied Veri users track their glucose continuously from two to three months from the get-go.

During this first period, the learning rate is at its peak. Once this foundation is established, these users would most often transition to a quarterly plan to then seasonally track and compare how their metabolic health improves over time.

Many of our users are committed to a clear health goal, such as losing weight or lowering HbA1c. We learned Veri is a great partner and reassurance to have for these use cases until that, sometimes life-changing goal is reached.

We stand for Humans

After spending thousands of hours talking with our users, we noticed no one needs another hamster wheel. Getting metabolically healthier should be an inclusive and fun experience for many.

When new types of health technologies like ours give people new outlets to manage their health, it is labeled as another bio-hacking device by default. While we do appreciate any pursuit of personal wellbeing, we stand for real people and real health outcomes.

Our brand celebrates this. We believe in human betterment through technology while remaining fully human –in being more human and less of a superhuman.

Veri is now available on iOS devices (Android coming soon) in EU, UK, US, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway. We're thrilled to begin this next chapter of fighting poor metabolic health together with you.

–Anttoni and the Veri team

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