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One Step Closer In Making Blood Sugar the Next Heart Rate

We are excited to announce our latest funding round of $4 million with our community.

Today, we are proud and excited to announce our $4 million seed round, led by PROFounders, and accompanied by Lifeline Ventures, Accel with angel investors like Johannes Schildt (CEO and co-founder of Kry/Livi) and Kristian Ranta (CEO and co-founder of Meru Health). This round also includes our previous pre-seed investment by Lifeline Ventures. 

We started building Veri because we've all had issues with our own health and we weren't pleased by how these issues were tackled. We wanted to build something that would promote prevention, transparency and collaboration to the medical and the health community. The idea of empowering people to take charge of their own health grew extremely strong within us. After all, as history tells, underdog communities and individuals start revolutions.

Our product, the combination of Veri’s app and the wearable glucose sensor, is able to give people just that – an approach to help everyone make better food choices in an effortless and deeply personalized way.

For the last year we've been extremely focused on building the product together with our, today 1,500 people strong, community. We've talked with hundreds about the ways we should further develop our product and make it as valuable and as intuitive as possible. We've grown our team of 4 Veritians to 15. We've made progress but are no way close to being done.

Our roadmap for 2021 is jam-packed with new major features, an Android app and other improvements, such as the new UI update and building a data-driven recommendation engine. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

With the new funding, we'll focus on further developing the product, scaling our team (Join us?), and catering Veri to even more people. We are thrilled to announce that Veri will begin shipping to US-based customers this week.

We'll keep operating in a similar matter as we have so far. Making this technology more available and attainable to as many people as possible.

A Big thank you goes to everyone in our community, our advisors, and our team, for making this happen. We’re one step close to making blood sugar the next heart rate. 

With love, 

Anttoni, Frans and Verneri

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