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Metabolic Health Month: 2nd Week Recap

Week 2 of Metabolic Health Month is almost finished!!! This means that we’re almost halfway to our goal of gaining the habits that will put you in the top 10% of metabolically healthy people.

Which totally justifies the triple exclamation, right?

(We thought so, too.)

In this week we’ve focused more on the fitness side of metabolic health. But this isn’t just book learning – you’ve walked and jogged your way into better metabolic health by joining in our second ever Community Challenge: Exercising for 15 minutes before or after each meal.

A living centenarian once told us that this was his secret to longevity. No lie!

We’ve all been shocked by the discovery that muscles aren’t just for lifting heavy things and putting them back down. (They’re actually glucose magnets that keep blood sugar in check, bro.) And we busted the metabolic myth Calories In Calories Out, aka: shmalories in shmalories out. Whichnobodyactuallyeverbelievedbutsomehowwentalongwithanyway.

Yep, weight loss is a byproduct of metabolic health. And you don’t get healthy by starving yourself slowly – you do it by eating the right foods for your unique body, by exercising at the right times, and by keeping control of your blood glucose and insulin.

DROP THE MIKE, DANNY! (Sorry, we got pumped up about our content writer Dan just then.)

And we’ve even introduced you to our good friend and Medical Director, Vimal, in our community spotlight. Vimal shares three high-value tips as a practicing cardio metabolic physician and ever-curious self experimenter.

Here’s a full breakdown of Metabolic Health Week #2:

·     Monday –  Which Exercise Is Best for Metabolic Health? & MHM Week 2 Challenge – Exercise 15 minutes after each meal

·     Tuesday – Metabolic Myths: Calories In, Calories Out

·     Wednesday – Your Muscles are a Powerful Metabolic Organ

·     Thursday – Tip of the Week #1: Cut out MSG

·     Friday – People Who Inspire Us: Dr. Vimal Ramjee

Metabolic health is more than not having metabolic diseases like obesity and high blood pressure – it’s having enough energy and vitality to do all the things you love!

And here’s the menu for this weekend:

·     Saturday – Watch this: Glucose Hacks andHow to Curb Cravings, with Jessie Inchauspe

·     Sunday – Healthy Meal Tip: Spiralized Zucchini Pasta

·     Tip of the Week #2: Stabilize your blood sugar with 1 tbsp of vinegar before meals

Cheers to all of you!

Team Veri

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