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Metabolic Health Month: 1st Week Recap

We’re almost finished with the first week of Metabolic Health Month!

We did learn what metabolism is, why insulin and glucose are so important for a healthy metabolism, and a few hacks that can keep our blood sugar more stable throughout the day.

More important than what we’ve learned, though, is what we’ve done. And if you’ve followed along with the first challenge of Metabolic Health Month, you’ll have completed your first week of ‘noda’!(no soda, juice, or sugary beverages.)

This one easy lifestyle change can improve your overall metabolic health and quality of life by tenfold.

(Don’t worry if you’ve slipped and had a few sugary drinks, btw: no one is perfect, and metabolic health is a lifelong journey for each of us. We just hope that we get a little better at it each week 🙃)

Here’s a recap of the first week in metabolic health

·      290+ million Americans are metabolically unhealthy

·      Metabolic health is all the processes that derive energy and cellular building blocks from the food we eat

·      Insulin and blood glucose are two key factors in metabolic health

·      We can control insulin by eating less frequently, by eating fewer carbs, by exercising, and by eliminating processed sugar

·      You don’t have to eat 6 small meals a day to lose weight

Metabolic health is more than not having metabolic diseases like obesity and high blood pressure – it’s having enough energy and vitality to do all the things you love!

People who inspire us

Part of our mission with Metabolic Health Month is to introduce you to the metabolic health mavens that have inspired us so much at Veri.

Glucose Goddess

Friday we introduced you to Glucose Goddess, aka Jessie Inchauspe. GG is one of the rising stars in the metabolic health community, with posts that are science-backed and amplified by super cute graphs and videos. Anyone interested in improving their glucose and learning about how different foods and activities influence blood glucose will find a guiding light in the Glucose Goddess.

Read her story here.

Jay Fetalino

Our friend and Veri user Jay Fetalino (@swimjayrun) shared an awesome testimonial of how he used continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) to help him with weight loss and triathlon training. Big shoutout to Jay, and good luck on your next race!

Coming in next...

Since we’re not all the way done with the week, here’s a quick glimpse of Saturday and Sunday:

·      Saturday – we’ll be sharing one of the most important talks on metabolic health given by Dr. Robert Lustig, entitled,‘Sugar: The Bitter Truth’. If you haven’t poured your soda down the drain yet now…you might after watching ;)

·      Sunday – if you’re thinking that metabolic health means just eating sticks of butter and bacon, you we’ve got an incredible recipe that proves otherwise. Also, we’re sharing a meal tip that will help you eat more of your favorite foods with less of a glucose response

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