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Metabolic Health Month: #1 Weekly Challenge

How Sweet is Your Life?

The first lifestyle change we are recommending in this first week of Metabolic Health Month is eliminating all sugary beverages.

Sugary drinks (including soda and even fruit juices) are the biggest dietary assault on your metabolism because the sugar instantly spikes your blood glucose. These spikes elicit an insulin WHAM, for lack of a better word; and the high volume of insulin often is more than the body needs to get back to baseline, which causes a blood glucose crash.

Blurry vision, anxiety, feeling hungry despite having just consumed a ton of calories?

Yep, you’ve had a crash. And even if your blood sugar is still higher than normal, such a drastic decline will alert your body to crave more sugar in order to keep your glucose-hog-of-a brain online. This is the beginning, middle and end of metabolic illness – and especially weight gain.

That’s why we’re challenging you to eliminate all sugary drinks for one week. Just one week! And to kick it off, we’re encouraging a sugar dump, where you snap a photo of yourself pouring a soda down the drain! 

Here are some helpful tips to navigate your first week without sugary drinks:

·      have a friend or loved one do this challenge with you

·      raid your cupboards and toss (or give away) any soda or fruit juice you find

·      stock up on sparkling water. (We love Gerolsteiner for the minerals, and it totally satisfies the need for something bubbly and nice)

·      try to stay away from low-calorie sweetened drinks. (Even if it’s sweetened with stevia orerythritol, it can still spike your blood sugar and insulin)

·      if you’re craving something sweet, eat some fruit instead

One thing to keep in mind for this first challenge is that your tastebuds can take a couple weeks to adjust. [1] So if you find yourself literally hating a strawberry* for not being as sweet as you think it should be, just know that your tastebuds are adjusting and will eventually hate the toxic syrups you used to love ❤️🙃.

*please be nice to the strawberries.

PS: If you’ve thought about anyone while reading this post, please send this information their way. Better yet, invite them to be your partner in this week’s challenge! 



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