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Blood sugar 101: How can high sugar cause high drama?

Blood sugar on a high. Quite likely you are about to be on a low…

You know the saying "what goes up must come down”? Well that applies very much to blood sugar levels and your health and wellbeing. When your blood glucose surges, this is followed by a dramatic drop. (1) With this type of fluctuation, you likely won’t be feeling at your best. The body does not like when our glucose levels are unsteady. With large fluctuations, our body eventually suffers, with multiple problematic health issues that can arise.

Dietary sugar can cause toxic substances to be created within our tissue or cells, which contributes to inflammation in our body. Inflammation is created by our immune system response, a side effect to fighting something like an irritant, a toxin or injury. It’s our body giving a clear signal that something is going wrong in there.

Out of control? No-one wants to go there.

Continually spiking or elevated blood sugar can result in a number of downstream effects. (1,2) Our insulin production response will remain constantly high, and our cells can eventually develop insulin resistance, needing more and more circulating insulin to get glucose into them. This can spiral to become pre-diabetes and then diabetes, and in turn these can give rise to many other chronic health conditions. (3) The saddest thing for many of us is that we are unknowingly heading there, due to hidden sugar in the food we eat.

Veri helps you keep an eye on what’s going on.

New tools in digital health are creating novel and often more effective ways to prevent disease. CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) is shaping up to be one of these. (4) The Veri CGM platform provides a real-time look at your glucose trends as you go about your daily life, opening up a deep understanding of how lifestyle contributors play a vital role in your metabolic response. Veri’s Meal Scores help you to better understand the effects of what you eat, in a frankly confusing world of labels and names from ‘superfoods’ to ‘natural’ and ‘health’ foods. With Veri you discover how your body is really interacting with the food you give it, in order to optimize your wellbeing.

If you can bio-tune yourself to better avoid these dangerous players that drive high blood sugar and inflammation, then you are proactively protecting your metabolic health, which may help to avoid more serious health issues down the line. Earlier use of CGM technology for at-risk but not yet diagnosed diabetes, may hold the potential to significantly reduce the worldwide medical burden of cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

A spoiler alert that could make you feel better.

Veri can give you the insight to let you know if you might be at risk from disease, and thereforegive you the warning signals that can prevent it. We like to think of it as a spoiler alert, so that there’s no surprise plot twist that brings your world crashing down. Daily life has enough drama in it (especially through these pandemic times), and we just want to feel and be the best we can, living happily ever after. And Veri is the perfect tool to help us do that.


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