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2023 Holiday Gift Guide

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At Veri, we're excited to share some of the best deals on products and brands that will allow you to enhance your metabolic health journey. From optimizing sleep, to understanding your genetic makeup — check out our holiday gift guide to secure discounts available now until the end of the year.

Nutrition: Wild Health

  • Offer: 20% off Standard Membership or Premium Elite
  • Code: VERI20
  • Expiration: December 31, 2023

Knowing your genetic makeup can help you make better nutritional decisions and receive a personalized plan, optimal just for your health. With Wild Health's genetic testing, you'll get a comprehensive look into biometrics, genomics, and lifestyle factors with recommendations for an approach that's right for your metabolic wellness.

wild health logo and dashboard example

Exercise: Polar

  • Offer: 15% off all products, excluding new ones
  • Code: VERI15
  • Expiration: December 31, 2023

Did you know tracking your heart rate can help you enhance your fitness and recovery time? With a Polar device such as a heart rate monitor or watch, you can improve your overall performance and see the relationship between your heart rate and glucose levels post-workout in the Veri app.

polar logo and band

Sleep: Oura

Get the best in sleep tracking devices, that integrates directly with the Veri app. Your Oura Ring will provide you insights to get better sleep, improve your overall wellbeing, and learn more about your sleep patterns over time.

oura logo and ring

Mental Health: Betwixt

  • Offer: Download the app for free

This unique choose-your-own-adventure app was designed to help users tap into their thoughts and emotions to help improve mental health and relieve stress and anxiety, in an immersive journey through self-discovery. Use this app to help reduce spikes induced by stress and incorporate helpful practices into your daily routine!

betwixt mental health app

Written by: The Veri Team
Reviewed by: Emily Johnson, MSc RD

Table of Contents

  • Nutrition: Wild Health
  • Exercise: Polar
  • Sleep: Oura
  • Mental Health: Betwixt


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