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Membership + Sensors
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App compatible with Abbott Freestyle Libre 1 & 2 sensors. Access to the LibreLink app required.

Ships Abbot Freestyle Libre sensors along with your Veri Membership.

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One-time gift
Save 60€
3 Month
One-time gift
Save 18€
3 Month

3 month minimum term. Best value.

Pay monthly. After initial three months subscription resumes month-to-month.

No minimum term. Ultimate flexibility.

You can change plans, pause or stop your subscription at any time.

3 month minimum term. Best value.

Pay monthly. After initial three months subscription resumes month-to-month.

Gift Veri to a Friend

One month of access to Veri plus 2 Abbott Freestyle Libre sensors will be gifted to a friend of your choice via email.

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Total plan price
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Veri Membership
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Today's total
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Veri Membership
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Total plan price
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One month access plus 2 sensors
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What’s included


The Sensor

You get 2 sensors each month for up to 28 days of glucose tracking.

The App

Straight-forward insights, easy-to-follow content and integrates with your wearables.

The Patch

Patches are included in every shipment to keep your sensor protected.

Community Access
Unlimited access to your data
Exceptional customer support

Ultimate flexibility to fit with your new healthy life.

It’s easy to manage your Veri Membership. When you’re ready to change, it takes just a few clicks in our membership portal.

You can pause at any time, switch to a seasonal plan or simply let us know that you’ll come back later.


Who is the product for?

Veri is designed for anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing by understanding how their body reacts to the food they eat.*

Food is fuel. It has a significant role in our lives, but most of us don't eat optimally for our bodies. With Veri, you get instant feedback on your meals from your glucose, giving you an outlook of how the food you eat, exercise, and sleep all affect your metabolism daily. You can use Veri to discover the right foods for you by comparing different meals and diets.

*Note: Veri shall not be used for medical use or practice. This includes use cases of seeking medical advice, preventing, diagnosing, or treating any medical condition, including conditions related to blood sugar control such as diabetes.

How does it work?

Veri is powered by continuous glucose monitors (CGM)*. The sensor measures your glucose levels from your blood through a flexible filament.

To get a glucose reading, you press Scan on your Veri app and place your phone near the sensor. The sensor can monitor automatically your glucose levels up to eight hours from your last reading.

When you get started with Veri, you can apply the sensor on your arm in just a few minutes with the help of the Veri app. To activate a new sensor, you must initialize by scanning the sensor with the Veri app. This takes up to one hour, and you can start monitoring your glucose with Veri.

*The sensor we use is Abbott FreeStyle Libre. The Veri app supports only this sensor at this moment. The sensor is waterproof and has a 14-day wear time, and you can shower or go to the sauna during the wear time. Veri and Abbott FreeStyle Libre are not dependent upon one another to function, but you will need the sensor to collect blood sugar data.

What devices is Veri compatible with?

Veri is compatible with iPhones 7 or newer and Android phones that have an NFC-scanner, Android 9.0 or newer and Google Play Store*.

Veri is not available on Huawei or other Android devices that don't have Google Play Store.

Veri requires an NFC connection to scan and is thus not available on iPad. Veri is not available for Android users on the US.

We do not work on the following phones:

- Xiaomi Redmi
- Samsung Galaxy S6
- Ulefone Armor 7
- Ulefone Armor X7 Pro
- Samsung Galaxy A10S
- Any Huawei phone
- Any phone with a foldable screen

Where is the service available?

We ship to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway*, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland*, United Kingdom, United States.

*Customs fees may apply

What is a CGM?

A Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) is a small sensor used to measure blood sugar levels in the body throughout the day. 

The sensor gets applied to the back of the upper arm. It translates the glucose measurements into dynamic data to show glucose direction and rate of change on your smartphone.

The sensor should be used according to its directions and labeling.

I am a person with diabetes, can I subscribe to Veri?

Please consult your doctor or a medical professional if you are able to use Veri. 

Veri shall not be used for medical use or practice. This includes use cases of seeking medical advice, preventing, diagnosing, or treating any medical condition, including conditions related to blood sugar control such as diabetes. 

Veri is contraindicated for individuals who are:
- diagnosed with diabetes (Type 1 or 2)
- received medical test results related to diabetes diagnosis
- pregnant
- diagnosed with an eating disorder
- under 18 years of age

What’s the difference between the two sensor plans?

At Veri, we currently offer two plans that include sensors - the monthly plan and the three-month term plan.

The three-month term plan is our recommended plan for anyone who wants to learn about metabolic health and make a meaningful difference on their well being. That said, this plan requires you to commit to three months of sensor deliveries from Veri. This plan cannot be ended until the three months are over but also comes with some fantastic benefits! First, you get a significant discount off your initial sensors in comparison to the monthly plan, and second, you actually lock that price in for any subsequent months you choose to get sensors!

The monthly plan comes at a slightly higher cost each month but comes with the ability to cancel at any time. If you aren’t sure if a CGM is the right choice for you, this is a great plan that lets you experience the product and test out Veri. You can also switch over to a three month commitment at any time and lock in a better price!

If you still have any questions, you can always reach out and we are happy to help!

What is the Membership Only, how does it work?

If you’d like to source the sensors elsewhere but use the Veri app and access our community, you can opt for a Membership Only option. This option allows you to use the Veri app with your Freestyle 1 or 2 sensors. You’ll scan the sensor with LibreLink app, and get the data straight to Veri.

You can access the Membership either with a monthly or 3 month-commitment subscription.

Can I share a membership?

Every membership comes with one account and it’s this account that’s connected to all of your glucose and activity data. For the accuracy and security of your data, you cannot be logged in to more than one device at a time.

Our Membership Only plan allows you to create a new account without shipping new sensors. This is good for anyone who wants to share any sensors from an existing membership.Please note, that as the sensors are a prescription product in the US, it is not allowed to share them between users.

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