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Meal Scores

Your body is unique and so are your goals. Veri analyzes your individual response to food and scores every meal, to help you discover the right fuel for your body and your goals.

Daily Score

Each day you'll earn a score for your food and lifestyle choices to guide you toward sustainable habit change. Veri automatically pulls in your sleep and activity data through Apple Health or Google Fit, so you can spend less time logging and more time doing.

Metabolic Healthspan

To improve your health, you need to measure it. Veri reveals the impact of your diet and lifestyle by showing you how many years you may extend your Metabolic Healthspan - the number of years lived free from metabolic health issues.

Curated Content

Veri puts research-driven, actionable content at your fingertips, curated specifically for your goals. You’ll become empowered to make the changes you need with real, science-based strategies.

Private Community Platform

If you want to go far, go together. Get unlimited access to our private community of over 4,000 members sharing tips, recipes, and a passion for health.

In The Box

Glucose sensor x 2

Sensor Pack

Sensor Applicator

Sensor Cover

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