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It’s okay not to have a specific goal. Even if you’re just here to learn, you can make great strides in your metabolic health.

Metabolic health is a spectrum, and it’s important to know where you stand so you can improve through sustainable habit changes.

Below, you’ll find some tips on what you can do today based on your answers, plus how Veri can help you reach your long-term goals.

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Tips based on your goals

When it comes to avoiding diabetes, food and exercise habits can have a significant and immediate impact.

Give your carbs a buddy

Pairing carbs with a fiber-rich vegetable or protein can significantly reduce the post-meal glucose response and increase satiety.

Add resistance training

Resistance training increases insulin sensitivity both in the short term and long term. That means a lower HbA1c over time.

Eat your carbs early

Insulin sensitivity is highest in the morning and fades over the course of the day. Consuming carbs early keeps blood sugar levels lower.

Take an after meal walk

Post-meal walking is proven to reduce blood sugar levels. It’s also a great way to increase your daily steps, supporting metabolic health.

We've specifically designed our program and features to support your goals. That's why over 30,000 members have already chosen Veri.

Objective data from your body

When it comes to your health, generic advice or the latest trends won’t cut it. You need irrefutable data showing how food, exercise, sleep, and stress affect your metabolic health.

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Your optimal diet

Our app scores your meals based on your glucose response and the quality of ingredients, building a diet by your body, for your body.

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Measurable results

Unlike other solutions that only show daily metrics, Veri’s algorithm updates every week to show you how your habit changes will impact your long-term health for years to come.

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Take control of your health

Veri helps you understand your body’s signals with personalized guidance on food, exercise, and stress, so you can reach your health goals.

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