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Learn the best foods for you, from the most trusted source: your own body

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Every month you’ll receive two sensors,
each lasting 14 days.

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Easy, pain-free application from
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Understand your body

Learn the glucose basics and where
you can improve.

“Learning why and how to regulate my glucose levels through Veri has been a surprising paradigm shift. I now know what and when to eat, sleep, and exercise for optimal health, at the root of which is metabolic health.”

Katelyn E.


Understand her body, conquer cravings and fatigue


No more cravings and feeling energetic

Duration of use

1 month

Grow within a community

Bond with members like you - sharing tips, recipes, and progress.

Find your ideal diet

Watch your Meal Scores soar as you discover the best foods for your body.

Build lasting habits

Uncover the key to sustainable lifestyle changes as your Daily Score climbs.

“When I started tracking the foods that made my blood sugar stable, I felt really good in my body. I felt like I was eating the foods that served my body right”

Jana R.


Lose Weight


Lost 11 lbs

Duration of use

3 months

Level up

Stay accountable and reach new heights with personalized weekly reports.

Reach your goals

Gain the confidence of a glucose guru and start hitting your health goals!

Stay in control

Switch to a quarterly plan to stay on track. Health is a journey, not a destination.

“I love being able to work with my body rather than trying to apply generic advice. I think having access to a CGM is empowering and shifts mindsets away from looking externally for solutions to looking internally - and that's where the power is!”

Hannah W.


Understand her body and lower glucose levels


Lowered glucose from prediabetic to optimal ranges

Duration of use

7 months

Better health on your own terms

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