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Integrating Veri

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Why Veri?

Using CGMs as a foundation, we take a holistic approach to metabolic health, cultivating mind-body awareness.

Practitioners use our platform to gain insights into their client's underlying needs and tailor their protocols.

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The Technology

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Coaching Dashboard

Use our dashboard to view your client's meal logs, glucose, sleep, and other health metrics remotely. You can also easily order at-cost sensors for your clients as needed.

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Client Mobile App

Our user friendly app allows clients to log meals, view their glucose and track progress while working with you.

Our Programs

We offer three different partnership opportunities. Apply to any that interest you!


Veri for Coaches

A flexible, full-service platform for integrating Veri into your practice. Exclusive practitioner prices allow you to pay as you go, only for what you use - no commitments or minimums.

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Meet a Veri Partner

Lauren Kremer is a Registered Dietitian, Mom of two, and Veri Partner. She participates in all three of Veri's Partner programs: creating content on Instagram as an Affiliate, using the Veri for Coaches platform with clients, and hosting Veri guest speakers in her online courses.