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Learn the basics about glucose and your diet.

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Switch to a quarterly plan to stay on track. Health is a journey, not a destination, and we’ll be there whenever you need us.

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Sensing your glucose on an auto-pilot.


Excellent app and excellent


Every one should at least once learn what food does to their glucose levels. I love how the app scores my food.

An eye-opener I needed!


I totally changed my breakfast and snacks based on this. I thought i had been eating healthy but NO! No more blood sugar spikes.

Best Blood Sugar Monitoring App


This is the best blood sugar monitoring app. The algorithms are amazing and the app is clean and easy to use. If Apple were to design a blood sugar monitoring app they would design what the Team at Veri made!

I am in LOVE. I tried the Levels app but it wasn’t as good and you have to use both the Abbott app and the Levels app for details which is hard to do. The Levels app is very cluttered and poorly designed.

I recommend.

Linda, August 2021


Hi Everyone, Linda from the Netherlands here. Very happy to join this community! I've been looking at my food intake to get as healthy as I can possibly be (given some underlying conditions) for years, and got convinced to not solely rely on conventional wisdom like calories in calories out, tracking macros, etc. by the book Spoon-fed, and rather add a thorough look at what my body reacts to into the mix.

As head of data science and AI for a multinational, I just had to find a way to quantify that, and be able to analyse my body's reaction to food, together with the data from my Apple watch, fitbit scale and whitings sleep tracker. Which is where Veri comes in. 

Within the first week, I've already found that my local supermarket bread, and cinnamon (!!) are my kryptonites, by having the same meals with and without those two components multiple times. I'd have never guessed! Looking forward to more such discoveries and getting to know more of you.

Suzanne, August 2021


I can't get over how much stress peaks my blood glucose. I've only been wearing the device for two days now, but little things like getting upset if my puppy is misbehaving or feeling a time pressure sends me spiking! 😳

Miroslav, April 2021


I have learnt more things but:

- I stopped honey as it spikes my bg strongly
- I will avoid oatmeal with fruit and carbs overall on the morning as it totally ruins my day
- BG tends to be more sensitive in the afternoon hours
- Coffee doesn’t affect BG

Nicole, April 2021


I've learned my first meal after fasting (approx. 16-18 hours) has to be well thought out. My "green drink" was the first thing I'd consume out of my fasting window for years until I saw the glycemic response 😳. Now I have it after dinner and I don't spike.  I love this because I want to be getting all the goodies in this drink everyday (tons of veggies & micronutrients) but without sending my glucose sky high!

Used to keep a fasting window that ended in the evening pretty late (20.00 or 8pm) but now try to wrap up when possible by 18.00 or 6pm at the latest.  Glucose throughout the night is better, along with sleep, energy, & digestion!

Abby, August 2021


No spike post protein bar. Woot! I’m only on day three but already seeing how my food choices and timing affect my levels.

John, August 2021


I just finished my first two weeks and have really learned a lot from using the Veri app. It’s providing exactly the insights and feedback I was looking for regarding diet, fitness and sleep.

I love the integration with the data from the Apple watch. Not to mention the accountability from the real-time feedback! I already feel so much better, have more energy and have lost 7lbs in the process.

I just had a fasting blood test this morning and I’m looking forward to great conversation with the Doctor when we review the results based on this new insight and knowledge.

Pedro, July 2021


As I get more data while using Veri, I'm trying to adjust a few things. I've started to change the order of my foods and also in general, taking in lower carbs as well. I'm still adjusting to consuming enough calories for my activity level, but my BG levels have responded quite well.

I would usually have an avg BG between 105-110 and lately I am between 85-90. My overall Veri scores have been quite bad though because I am below the lower range now through the night and morning (less than 75). All of my meals over the past few days have been either 9's or 10's, so that is positive as well.

On average how long does Veri take to catch up to changes like this?

Also, so far, changing the order of foods has really made a difference for me and quite cool to see 😎

Abby, July 2021


This is a comparison pic before and after (3 months apart). Some have asked about my ratios because my diet is quite different from most. I’d like to emphasise that I’m never not satiated and I have loads of variety to eat.

I’d like to make sure people know I’m not promoting or endorsing anything here. I do love my diet and it’s the first I’ve ever seen results with. I’m happy to share about it but it’s in NO WAY promotion of it. Just to be clear lol.

Marina, June 2021


Hello to all!
I am Marina. Am a Brazilian living in Rome. Am 36 years old, obese and sedentary (pandemics made me more sedentary than ever). My BMI is 39.4. And I am trying to change it. I've also developed a Metabolic syndrome in the recent past (few years ago), something that is under control for a while now.

Despite a life full of diets and trials and errors, I now found Veri and seem to be finally learning how to eat. Veri has been my companion for about 20 days now and is already changing how I look at food. Parallel to the use of Veri, I am pairing a weekly food plan of ready made balanced food (ready meals idealised by a nutritionist). I've lost 4 kg since then.
Learning how my body responds to different foods is opening my mind and making me know how to do better choices.

For instance, I'd like to share with you two screenshots from my Veri. One has a sandwich with the bread I used to eat, while the other has the bread I am now choosing to eat (both from the same bakery). The change is tremendous and I feel and see it in my body.

Denis, May 2021


Hi, I’m Denis from Munich. I am using Veri for 5 days already and I really love it. Finally you can get yourself under control. Before I knew all the theory, but the result was always a Blackbox. Now I can see what exactly happens with my body after certain meals. I have managed to stay in the right glucose range for almost 48 hours for now and it feels great!

I was very surprised how my body reacts to some foods that were considered as quite healthy, but I had quite large spikes. Now I know what foods do I have to avoid and what not.

Great product and great idea!

Gabriela, May 2021


Hi everyone,

I’ve just joined this week, have been reading all the messages and it’s really great to be in this community of health-driven people!

I’ve been using Whoop for some time now and that really shook me, esp. the impact of lack of sleep on, well, everything.... So when I discovered Veri I was so sure that this would be another wake up call that I really need, ‘cause I need to see the numbers... And I was right! So far out of the last 5 days only 2 meals didn’t lead to a spike! 🤣

I’m also using the app to show my 10 year old son what an important impact the food we choose to eat has on our organism.

Really grateful to be here with you and learn from your experiences as well.

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Who is the product for?

Veri is designed for anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing by understanding how their body reacts to the food they eat.*

Food is fuel. It has a significant role in our lives, but most of us don't eat optimally for our bodies. With Veri, you get instant feedback on your meals from your glucose, giving you an outlook of how the food you eat, exercise, and sleep all affect your metabolism daily. You can use Veri to discover the right foods for you by comparing different meals and diets.

*Note: Veri shall not be used for medical use or practice. This includes use cases of seeking medical advice, preventing, diagnosing, or treating any medical condition, including conditions related to blood sugar control such as diabetes.

How does it work?

Veri is powered by continuous glucose monitors (CGM)*. The sensor measures your glucose levels from your blood through a flexible filament.

To get a glucose reading, you press Scan on your Veri app and place your phone near the sensor. The sensor can monitor automatically your glucose levels up to eight hours from your last reading.

When you get started with Veri, you can apply the sensor on your arm in just a few minutes with the help of the Veri app. To activate a new sensor, you must initialize by scanning the sensor with the Veri app. This takes up to one hour, and you can start monitoring your glucose with Veri.

*The sensor we use is Abbott FreeStyle Libre. The Veri app supports only this sensor at this moment. The sensor is waterproof and has a 14-day wear time, and you can shower or go to the sauna during the wear time. Veri and Abbott FreeStyle Libre are not dependent upon one another to function, but you will need the sensor to collect blood sugar data.

What devices is Veri compatible with?

Veri is compatible with iPhones 7 or newer and Android phones that have an NFC-scanner, Android 9.0 or newer and Google Play Store*.

Veri is not available on Huawei or other Android devices that don't have Google Play Store.

Veri requires an NFC connection to scan and is thus not available on iPad. Veri is not available for Android users on the US.

We do not work on the following phones:

- Xiaomi Redmi
- Samsung Galaxy S6
- Ulefone Armor 7
- Ulefone Armor X7 Pro
- Samsung Galaxy A10S
- Samsung Galaxy S6
- Samsung Flip Z & Flip Z2
- Any Huawei phone
- Any phone with a foldable screen

Where is the service available?

We ship to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway*, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland*, United Kingdom, United States

*Customs fees may apply

What is a CGM?

A Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) is a small sensor used to measure blood sugar levels in the body throughout the day. 

The sensor gets applied to the back of the upper arm. It translates the glucose measurements into dynamic data to show glucose direction and rate of change on your smartphone.

The sensor should be used according to its directions and labeling.

I am a person with diabetes, can I subscribe to Veri?

Please consult your doctor or a medical professional if you are able to use Veri. 

Veri shall not be used for medical use or practice. This includes use cases of seeking medical advice, preventing, diagnosing, or treating any medical condition, including conditions related to blood sugar control such as diabetes. 

Veri is contraindicated for individuals who are:
- diagnosed with diabetes (Type 1 or 2)
- received medical test results related to diabetes diagnosis
- pregnant
- diagnosed with an eating disorder
- under 18 years of age