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Veri translates CGM data into easy, actionable guidance. Find the right foods for you, stabilize your blood sugar levels, and reach your ideal weight.

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Blood sugar fluctuations can lead to hormonal imbalances linked to dozens of symptoms, weight gain, and chronic illnesses, even for people without diabetes. We show you how to get back in balance and lose weight sustainably.

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Our program combines instant feedback from a CGM, educational content, insights, and in-app support. We make finding your ideal diet and improving your habits simple and personal.

The Veri Program

Blood sugar data from a CGM can be hard to interpret on its own. The Veri app makes it easy to understand and take action through our behavior change program.

Real data on your foods and habits

Veri brings together your blood sugar, food, sleep, and activity data to give you instant feedback on your food and habit choices.

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Personalized insights

Our app scores all your meals based on your glucose response and the quality of ingredients, so you can find the best foods for your body.

Expert guidance

Veri empowers you through our evidence-based program with engaging content from our health team plus data-driven recommendations.

Real results

See your changes working with our comprehensive metabolic health metric co-developed with Veri’s advisors of researchers and physicians.

The latest in metabolic health, tips, and recipes. Delivered.

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