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Introducing Veri. The easiest way to track and stabilize your blood sugar.

A core tenet of Veri revealed itself to us (Anttoni and Verneri) during our long evening walks in the steep hills of suburban Burlingame, California. Blood sugar monitoring should be available to everyone. Everyone should be able to experience the magic of "seeing inside" yourself.

In time we found ourselves with a small group of early adopters who all collectively shared the same problem. We were obsessed in learning how blood sugar affects our energy levels, mental acuity, and the speed at which our lifestyle habits are taxing our bodies. There wasn't a solution built to fit our needs, so we decided to build one.

In 48 hours we were up and running. The first requests came in and to our surprise, they kept coming. We were bewildered. From the users perspective "the product" looked like this:

Unbelievably complex right? Exactly our thoughts! But despite all the friction everyone seemed to love the core idea. Visually experiencing blood sugar helped our users make totally novel connections between their lifestyle choices and the consequence of those choices. This helped them realize things like why they always felt erratic after a heavy lunch, or why they were killing some of their workouts but not others, and countless of other realizations. To them, making such connections between their choices and how those choices immediately affected their energy levels and their health in overall felt almost like magic. For the longest time, they felt that they were in control.

We wanted to create that feeling of magic at scale ✨

Making the complex simple

During the +300 hours of talking with our amazing users, studying and teaching the patterns and correlations between their blood sugar and data related to nutrition, exercise and sleep, we got loads of feedback showing us clearly which parts of the product were working and which were not. Add to the mix a magnificent new co-founder (Frans), 10,000 lines of code, tens of design layouts and countless intense product sessions and Veri is the result of that simple equation.

What used to be overly complex, is now simple, we dare to say, even elegant. We've taken out everything non-essential and made it as simple and as easy as possible for everyone to start tracking their blood sugar.

The main benefits

Here is how we believe tracking your blood sugar can benefit you: 

1. Boosting your energy levels

Blood sugar or glucose is the main source of fuel powering your brain and muscles. Keeping tabs on your Glucose levels and the Trend will provide you with information on your energy levels and help you take action in keeping them up and stable. Veri looks to establish this consensus with every single scan.

2. Increasing your focus

The variability in your glucose correlates with your ability to focus. Having huge glucose swings leads to difficulty in crushing complex tasks. With Veri we want to provide guidance as to which actions lead to a constant flow state.

3. Helping you stay healthy and preventing chronic illnesses

Having your glucose out of range for a longer period of time increases oxidative stress and taxes your body, taking a toll on your wellness, energy and focus. Veri helps you stay in that optimal range.

Calling out the curious ones

We've always envisioned building something meaningful for the whole world. However, we realize that in order to build something as such requires time, and a massive amount of feedback from a wide array of people using blood sugar data to their own benefit. In order to make blood sugar monitoring simple, accessible and insightful for everyone we need to learn from these various use cases.

We're calling out the curious ones, the ones that are willing to understand how their lifestyle habits are having an effect on their energy levels, their mental acuity, and their health. If you're one of these people, perfect! We would love to have you try out Veri. If you know a friend that would be, fantastic! We would be extremely grateful if you could share this with them.

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