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People who inspire us: Glucose Goddess

Meet Glucose Goddess

We feel that any kickoff for Metabolic Health Month would be incomplete without spotlighting one of the brightest influencers in this sphere.

Glucose Goddess — aka: Jessie Inchauspe — is a scientist-turned-influencer with a passion for self experimentation.

In 2018 she began documenting how different foods, food pairings, and exercise impacted her glucose levels and started sharing with friends and family.

Her snazzy graphs and biochemist’s wisdom attracted an audience; soon she was flooded with requests for different food experiments.

Glucose Goddess was born from responding to this demand for fun and inspiring metabolic health information.

Here’s a sample of original ideas and reporting that have made Glucose Goddess a metabolic maven:

- don’t eat carbs naked — make sure you ‘dress’ them with protein, fat and fiber to prevent glucose spikes.
- eat what your body needs, but reduce process sugar and carbs whenever you can.
- it’s okay to be human and eat dessert — just make sure you don’t eat sweets by themselves, and take a tbsp of vinegar in water before you have that cookie.
- start your day off with savory foods rather than sweets for better blood sugar control.
- eat a salad or veggies before your meal to blunt glucose spikes.

Be on the lookout...

Jessie’s first book, ‘Glucose Revolution’, is due out March 25th.

We can’t recommend enough that you follow her on Instagram and sign up for her high-value newsletters. ✌️!

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