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Metabolic Health Month: #4 Weekly Challenge

Practice five minutes of deep breathing before you go to bed.

Nutrition and exercise have been the biggest focuses so far in Metabolic Health Month.

But did you know that stress management is an equally important part of metabolic health?

It’s true – stress hormones like epinephrine and cortisol decrease insulin sensitivity and production. [1] Stress also interferes with sleep, which is our daily metabolic reset. [2]

So, what’s the best way to overcome stress? (Especially in such a stressed-outworld…)

For us at Veri, it’s gotta be deep breathing.

Breathing is literally the fastest way to break out of the stress cycle and hack into a relaxed, centered mindset.

But not just any old inhalation will do…

In order to relax and destress, you’ve got to practice diaphragmatic breathing or ‘belly breathing.’

Expanding your stomach outward on each inhalation engages the vagus nerve, which is the seat of your ‘rest and relax’ nervous system. Studies have shown that diaphragmatic breathing (coupled with decreasing your breathing rate) reduces stress hormones and increases feelings of wellbeing. [3]

You can significantly increase your metabolic health just by doing five minutes of diaphragmatic breathing each night before bed – or any time you can manage it.

Bonus points if you focus on a silent mantra for each breath. (I’m healthy! Life is good!)

For those of you already monitoring your blood sugar with a CGM, let us know how this challenge affects your daily glucose readings! And if you want to learn more about stress and metabolic health, read our in-depth post at the link.

Cheers to your health!

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