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Metabolic Health Month: #3 Weekly Challenge

Eat a salad before each meal 🥗

Did you know that by simply eating a salad before carbs, you can seriously improve your blood glucose and metabolic health?

In a 2014 study from Japan, eating a salad before the main meal was found to reduce blood glucose spikes in both people with diabetes type 2 and participants without diabetes. [1] These researchers said that fiber from salad slows the digestion of food, which prevents carbs from being processed at once and saturating the blood with glucose.

Another way that salad is thought to help glucose control is by deactivating enzymes that convert carbohydrates into glucose. [2]

Who would’ve guessed?

In the world of metabolic health, it’s not just what you eat (whole foods), and not just when you eat (earlier instead of later), but it’s also how you eat.

So try eating a salad before every meal this week. It can be a small one – just don’t add any sugary dressings or croutons. And bonus points for adding vinegar! [3]

Also, if you track your glucose with a CGM, see how much lower your blood sugar is when you eat a salad first. 🙃🙂



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