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Weight loss: How do I tell the difference between a good carb and a not-so-good carb?

Those carbohydrates.

We need carbohydrates for energy and health - they are a vital fuel for our bodies to function optimally. (1, 2) But they can also impact our weight. With Veri by your side, you will better understand the KEY differences between simple or refined carbohydrates (poor quality) and complex or unrefined carbohydrates (high quality). So while a low carb diet might seem like common sense, many complex carbohydrates and healthy protein sources can help our bodies function optimally with steady glucose levels. (2)

There’s such a wide variation in metabolic response for every one of us, that without access to our continuous glucose data, we can’t truly know how our diet choices are affecting us. (3) This is what drove us to make Veri as beautifully visual as possible, so that you will have new and easy to understand ways of seeing and experiencing your metabolism.

Understand the good and maybe-not-so-good at a glance

The Veri App shows you your glucose trend line - something that’s simple and easy to understand.  It also brings together very complex glucose data to provide you with clear and easy to understand guideposts. Meal Cards give each meal a score, so you are quickly able to make highly impactful changes to your diet and lifestyle. Veri helps you discover what eating healthy means for you personally, because that is the best way to maintain a healthy weight, instead of following someone else’s opinion.

Curiosity satisfied. This is Veri.

We want everyone to be able to trust in their own internal resources and become their own guru, with a little support from one of the most impactful wearables on this planet.

Veri’s continuous measuring and visualisation of glucose levels is one of the most advanced tools we have today to increase our knowledge of our bodies and find our frequency. (4) We come to understand in real-time how our personal metabolism is interfacing with our diet, nutrition and lifestyle. We'll find meals that drive our glucose far too high. We'll discover foods that are full of hidden sugars without any real nutritive value. We'll learn how positively impactful exercise is for our unique metabolism and glucose response.

And for those amongst us who stay forever curious, Veri gives us the ability to actually bio-tune our bodies to our specific needs. We’re all done with one-size-fits-all.

Live and feel your very best

Here at Veri, we want our Service to feel like the best personal nutritionist you've ever met, offering insights to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week about everything you eat. It might be hard to believe that a little wearable sensor with the Veri App can be that, but it is.

We’re confident that continuous glucose monitoring can help you discover real healthy eating as it relates to your unique metabolism, and create a lifestyle that keeps it all in balance.


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