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Give the gift of better health this holiday season. Featuring products and brands we love with special holiday offers we've sourced for you.

Metabolic Health & Biomarkers

Glucose Revolution

The most insightful book for glucose control. A perfect companion with a Veri subscription.

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Find the right foods and habits for your body by simply tracking blood sugar.

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Understand key biomarkers of health with a personal health analysis and data-driven wellness guide designed to help you live healthier longer.

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Food & Nutrition


Dynamic multivitamins that intelligently change to meet your on-going nutrient needs based on health data.

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Daily Harvest

Blood sugar friendly meals delivered to your doorstep.

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Sleep & Recovery


For better and more enjoyable recovery.

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Oura Ring

Your companion for a better nights sleep. Oura and Veri work seamlessly together.

Sleep Better

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