Give The Gift Of Health

Help a loved one improve their metabolic health with a Veri gift subscription

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Buy now

How to gift Veri

Purchase a gift

Simply select 'Gift Veri' on our shop page to gift two sensors

Send Email

Your loved one will receive an email at a time and date of your choosing with a link to claim their gift. You can even add a message.

We deliver

Once they've claimed their gift, they will have unlimited access to our app and 28 days of continuous monitoring


How does it work?

You can give the gift of health to your loved ones by simply purchasing Veri for them to try out. What they'll get: Insights into how their lifestyle affects their energy levels and health through continuous glucose monitoring for 28 days. What you'll get: An honourable mention in our books as someone who not only cares about their health but also wants to spread the joy of discoveries to people around them.

How much does it cost?

By purchasing a gift order, you can choose to send two sensors. The costs are the same as our active plans! You will only be charged once. If the receiver wants to continue using Ver after the initial gift period, they can easily do so.

Can I buy an ongoing subscription as a gift?

The gift purchase is one-off only. The recipient will get a chance to subscribe once the gift has been used.

What information do I need? Do I need to know their address?

Once the gift is ready to be claimed (at a date of your choosing), the recipient will be able to add their shipping details. You just need their email address to ensure the gift is sent to the right person!

When will the gift be sent?

You can choose the date and time the gift is sent. This will be an email letting the recipient know about the gift. You will be able to add a personal message to the email to let them know it's from you. They can then claim the gift, which activates the order to ship. You will receive a notification once the gift has been claimed.

The recipient I want to send the gift to does not know about Continuous Glucose Monitoring. Is this a problem?

Not at all! We will send them information about the benefits of using Veri, and some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of the experience.

I want to send a gift to a different country than the one I am in. Can I do that?

If you are within the EU or UK, you can purchase Veri to be sent anywhere in EU. Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase a Veri gift in Europe for someone in the US, and vice versa.

Does the recipient need to get a prescription?

In the US, the recipient needs to fill out the quick health questionnaire and pass the prescription screening in order to be able to claim the gift. The product is not suitable for diabetics or for medical use.

Can I order a gift to Switzerland, Norway or Iceland?

We can definitely arrange for your gift to be shipped to Switzerland, Norway or Iceland, however, the customs fees applied will be the responsibility of the gift recipient to pay.