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No more guess work - No more guess work - No more guess work - No more guess work -
01 * Find the right foods

Every person has a unique metabolism. Our genes, body type, and composition, as well as activity level, determine how we respond to food. This is why no one diet works for everyone.

How Veri can help:

End the guessing game of "what should I eat?" by analyzing and comparing different meals and ingredients. For example, instant oatmeal for breakfast might make your glucose levels spike. But have steel-cut oats with nut butter and maybe an egg or two, and you'll likely see much less impact –if any. You may even discover that fresh bread from a local farmer's market is way easier on your blood sugar compared to packaged bread - including whole grain - that you buy from the supermarket.

02 * Weight loss

Your body weight is intimately tied to your metabolism. One of the key factors that affect your body weight is your glucose level. When glucose levels are high, insulin is released to help shuttle the glucose into your cells. This is why chronically elevated insulin levels have been shown to lead to fat storage, weight gain, and obesity. Over time, if glucose is consistently elevated due to a poor diet and excessive insulin production, our cells can become "numb" or less responsive to insulin.

This is called insulin resistance. With insulin resistance your body needs more circulating insulin to move glucose into cells, leading to continued weight gain. This process underlies one of the key factors that make weight loss efforts futile for many people.

How Veri can help:

Veri gives you the power to understand how the foods you eat affect your personal glucose levels in real-time. With the Veri, you no longer have to wonder whether a particular meal or ingredient is helping in your journey. Unlike traditional failed dietary fads, such as calorie counting or cutting out entire food groups, Veri empowers you to see what works for yourself. Using your data, on your schedule.

03 * Stable blood sugar levels

Blood sugar levels are dynamic and constantly changing. This is physiologically normal. Maintaining healthy glucose levels is essential to your health. Like any other measurement in the body, such as heart rate or blood pressure, there's an ideal range for blood glucose levels that supports your optimal health. This ideal range is unique to you and affected by your metabolic rate, body composition, genetics, and activity levels.

How Veri can help:

Veri turns on the lights so that you can become more aware of your individual glucose response. With real-time data, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to be more tuned in to what your body needs. You can see in an instant your glucose trends, meal scores, and follow weekly lifestyle reports and progress. These deep insights allow you to effect long-term positive change on your wellness journey.

04 * Energy levels & Overall health

A high-sugar diet is associated with a higher risk of death, cardiovascular disease, and a number of chronic health issues. A poor-quality diet commonly contributes to symptoms of fatigue and depression, which lead to lower energy levels. Volatile glucose spikes or drops (fluctuation) are associated with poor blood vessel function and may cause lightheadedness, fatigue, headache, and sleepiness.

How Veri can help:

Elevate the quality of your diet based on your individual metabolic response. Say bye to extra doses of coffee and supplements by understanding which of the foods you eat, at a much deeper level. See in real-time which ingredients make your blood sugar levels surge up or crash down, and leave you with low energy. Discover how key lifestyle factors, like sleep and exercise, interplay with your body's glucose responses.

Know What
to Eat

Everyone is unique. Food impacts our bodies differently.

With Veri you can see in real-time what foods are right for you.

See How Your
Body Responds

Monitor your blood sugar levels to identify spikes and increased variability.

Use Veri to update and improve your diet and lifestyle choices to feel at your best.

Log Your

Log your meals and activities on the Veri App.

Your continuous glucose monitor (CGM) tracks your glucose levels and reveals how you respond to your day-to-day habits and diet choices.

Log a Meal

Log your meals and activities on the Veri App.

Your continuous glucose monitor (CGM) follows the glucose trend automatically.

See How Your
Body Responds

See if your blood sugar levels spiked or remained stable in response to your meal.

You want to hit the stable to feel at your best.

Know What
to Eat

Repeat, compare, and start making changes to your diet and lifestyle choices.

Now you act with intention instead of guessing. With Veri by your side.


Stability Score

Stability Score

Your meals are analyzed and scored from 0 to 10. Know exactly how your body responds to each meal you eat.

Meal Comparison

Meal Comparison

Your meals and ingredients head to head. Compare your meals at a glance.

Food Discovery

Food Discovery

Your best and worst foods and ingredients all in one place. Keep track of the foods that help you feel the best, and favor the foods that are right for you.

Meal Tags

Meal Tags

Your meals down to the detail of the ingredients. Identify and improve the little nuances of your diet.

We’re all unique. So is our glucose response.

Blood sugar (or blood glucose) is the amount of glucose in the blood at a given time.

What affects this? Your DNA, your microbiome and the context in which you eat –and this is unique for everyone. For example, your body’s reaction to oatmeal can be totally different to someone else’s.

It is normal for your blood sugar to rise after a meal, but if it stays elevated for an extended period of time it’s often an indicator that the body has trouble regulating its sugar metabolism.

Maintaining healthy glucose levels is essential to your health. High blood sugar after eating can cause type 2 diabetes in the long term.

Early Dinner
6 hours
Late Dinner
8 hours
No Walk
Glucose change: +0.4 mmol/L
Glucose change: +0.1 mmol/L
Glucose change: +0.8 mmol/L
Glucose change: -0,6 mmol/L
Glucose change: +1.2 mmol/L
Glucose change: +1 mmol/L
Number of spikes: #0
Number of spikes: #1
Number of spikes: #0
Number of spikes: #1
Number of spikes: #0
Number of spikes: #1

Your Journey

First Sensor: Days 1–14

Get to Know Your Body

Track your foods to evaluate your current diet and lifestyle habits. Reveal what spikes your blood sugar, and understand how meal timing, exercise, and sleep affect you.

Second Sensor: Days 15–29

Amend Where Needed

Start building an optimal diet and habit plan that fit your body's needs. Explore new meals, intermittent fasting or post-meal walks to keep your balance. Get inspired by daily progress.

Third Sensor and beyond: Days 30 onwards

Forever Curious

Sustain a metabolically healthy lifestyle by exploring more nuanced ways how your metabolism functions. Stay accountable with weekly progress reports.


Excellent app and excellent


Every one should at least once learn what food does to their glucose levels. I love how the app scores my food.

An eye-opener I needed!


I totally changed my breakfast and snacks based on this. I thought i had been eating healthy but NO! No more blood sugar spikes.

Best Blood Sugar Monitoring App


This is the best blood sugar monitoring app. The algorithms are amazing and the app is clean and easy to use. If Apple were to design a blood sugar monitoring app they would design what the Team at Veri made!

I am in LOVE. I tried the Levels app but it wasn’t as good and you have to use both the Abbott app and the Levels app for details which is hard to do. The Levels app is very cluttered and poorly designed.

I recommend.

Linda, August 2021


Hi Everyone, Linda from the Netherlands here. Very happy to join this community! I've been looking at my food intake to get as healthy as I can possibly be (given some underlying conditions) for years, and got convinced to not solely rely on conventional wisdom like calories in calories out, tracking macros, etc. by the book Spoon-fed, and rather add a thorough look at what my body reacts to into the mix.

As head of data science and AI for a multinational, I just had to find a way to quantify that, and be able to analyse my body's reaction to food, together with the data from my Apple watch, fitbit scale and whitings sleep tracker. Which is where Veri comes in. 

Within the first week, I've already found that my local supermarket bread, and cinnamon (!!) are my kryptonites, by having the same meals with and without those two components multiple times. I'd have never guessed! Looking forward to more such discoveries and getting to know more of you.

Suzanne, August 2021


I can't get over how much stress peaks my blood glucose. I've only been wearing the device for two days now, but little things like getting upset if my puppy is misbehaving or feeling a time pressure sends me spiking! 😳

Miroslav, April 2021


I have learnt more things but:

- I stopped honey as it spikes my bg strongly
- I will avoid oatmeal with fruit and carbs overall on the morning as it totally ruins my day
- BG tends to be more sensitive in the afternoon hours
- Coffee doesn’t affect BG

Nicole, April 2021


I've learned my first meal after fasting (approx. 16-18 hours) has to be well thought out. My "green drink" was the first thing I'd consume out of my fasting window for years until I saw the glycemic response 😳. Now I have it after dinner and I don't spike.  I love this because I want to be getting all the goodies in this drink everyday (tons of veggies & micronutrients) but without sending my glucose sky high!

Used to keep a fasting window that ended in the evening pretty late (20.00 or 8pm) but now try to wrap up when possible by 18.00 or 6pm at the latest.  Glucose throughout the night is better, along with sleep, energy, & digestion!

Abby, August 2021


No spike post protein bar. Woot! I’m only on day three but already seeing how my food choices and timing affect my levels.

John, August 2021


I just finished my first two weeks and have really learned a lot from using the Veri app. It’s providing exactly the insights and feedback I was looking for regarding diet, fitness and sleep.

I love the integration with the data from the Apple watch. Not to mention the accountability from the real-time feedback! I already feel so much better, have more energy and have lost 7lbs in the process.

I just had a fasting blood test this morning and I’m looking forward to great conversation with the Doctor when we review the results based on this new insight and knowledge.

Pedro, July 2021


As I get more data while using Veri, I'm trying to adjust a few things. I've started to change the order of my foods and also in general, taking in lower carbs as well. I'm still adjusting to consuming enough calories for my activity level, but my BG levels have responded quite well.

I would usually have an avg BG between 105-110 and lately I am between 85-90. My overall Veri scores have been quite bad though because I am below the lower range now through the night and morning (less than 75). All of my meals over the past few days have been either 9's or 10's, so that is positive as well.

On average how long does Veri take to catch up to changes like this?

Also, so far, changing the order of foods has really made a difference for me and quite cool to see 😎

Abby, July 2021


This is a comparison pic before and after (3 months apart). Some have asked about my ratios because my diet is quite different from most. I’d like to emphasise that I’m never not satiated and I have loads of variety to eat.

I’d like to make sure people know I’m not promoting or endorsing anything here. I do love my diet and it’s the first I’ve ever seen results with. I’m happy to share about it but it’s in NO WAY promotion of it. Just to be clear lol.

Marina, June 2021


Hello to all!
I am Marina. Am a Brazilian living in Rome. Am 36 years old, obese and sedentary (pandemics made me more sedentary than ever). My BMI is 39.4. And I am trying to change it. I've also developed a Metabolic syndrome in the recent past (few years ago), something that is under control for a while now.

Despite a life full of diets and trials and errors, I now found Veri and seem to be finally learning how to eat. Veri has been my companion for about 20 days now and is already changing how I look at food. Parallel to the use of Veri, I am pairing a weekly food plan of ready made balanced food (ready meals idealised by a nutritionist). I've lost 4 kg since then.
Learning how my body responds to different foods is opening my mind and making me know how to do better choices.

For instance, I'd like to share with you two screenshots from my Veri. One has a sandwich with the bread I used to eat, while the other has the bread I am now choosing to eat (both from the same bakery). The change is tremendous and I feel and see it in my body.

Denis, May 2021


Hi, I’m Denis from Munich. I am using Veri for 5 days already and I really love it. Finally you can get yourself under control. Before I knew all the theory, but the result was always a Blackbox. Now I can see what exactly happens with my body after certain meals. I have managed to stay in the right glucose range for almost 48 hours for now and it feels great!

I was very surprised how my body reacts to some foods that were considered as quite healthy, but I had quite large spikes. Now I know what foods do I have to avoid and what not.

Great product and great idea!

Gabriela, May 2021


Hi everyone,

I’ve just joined this week, have been reading all the messages and it’s really great to be in this community of health-driven people!

I’ve been using Whoop for some time now and that really shook me, esp. the impact of lack of sleep on, well, everything.... So when I discovered Veri I was so sure that this would be another wake up call that I really need, ‘cause I need to see the numbers... And I was right! So far out of the last 5 days only 2 meals didn’t lead to a spike! 🤣

I’m also using the app to show my 10 year old son what an important impact the food we choose to eat has on our organism.

Really grateful to be here with you and learn from your experiences as well.

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Does it hurt to install or wear the sensor?

Setting up the sensor feels similar to measuring blood glucose at your fingertip. 

In the study by Abbott Diabetes Care, 93.4% of the patients in the study (n = 30) completely agreed or agreed with the statement that the use of the sensor did not cause discomfort under the skin.

How long should I keep tracking?

We recommend starting with 2–3 months of continuous tracking.

Your choices will become more accurate the more you track and measure, paving the way for better self-reliance and understanding of your wellbeing.

Most of our users can reassess their current habits within just a few days of use by seeing the body’s glucose response for the first time –while some use Veri as a tool to optimise their decision-making for the longer-term. This can be massively helpful to reach your goals.

What is included in my purchase?

Each purchase comes with everything needed to get started measuring your blood sugar. This includes 14-day Abbott FreeStyle Libre CGM sensor(s), Veri patches, the sensor applicator (if sensors are purchased), and access to the Veri application.

How does the Veri subscription work?

You can get Veri with one sensor or two sensors per month.

When you subscribe to Veri, we will provide you two sensors each month, depending on your choice. You can activate and use the sensors on the Veri app.

You can pause or cancel the subscription at any time before your next monthly billing cycle. Even if your subscription is paused or canceled, you still have access to the Veri app and all your data. This allows you to use any remaining sensors you may have left after you have paused or canceled the subscription.

You can manage your subscription directly at our website under the My Account section.

Do I have a right to return the product?

You have the right to withdraw from the General Conditions of Sale and to return your product to us within 14 days of delivery for full reimbursement. 

To exercise this right you must inform us either through post or email (Human Engineering Health Oy, Hämeentie 31, 00500 Helsinki, Finland; within 14 days of receiving the product.

We will reimburse you once we have received the product or proof of you having sent back the product.You shall send back the product to Human Engineering Health Oy, Hämeentie 31, 00500 Helsinki, Finland, without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which you communicate your withdrawal from this contract to us. You are responsible for the cost of returning the product.

If the individual sensor packaging has been opened, we cannot accept the return due to safety and hygiene reasons.

If you want to return the product, please contact us on or see further information in the General Conditions of Sale.

No Guesswork.

Find the foods your body favours.

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