Boost Your Metabolic Health

Personalized insights and guidance on the right foods and lifestyle habits for your body.

How it works

Veri shows your unique blood sugar response to food and lifestyle choices so you can see what’s working for you - and what’s not.
1. Receive your CGMs in the mail
2. Understand your key biomarkers
3. Experiment and explore

Keep Doing What You Love

Veri gives you personalized insights based on your data to help you achieve optimal metabolic health and reach your health goals.

  • Feel more sustained energy throughout the day
  • Improve your recovery with better sleep
  • Increase your metabolic healthspan for more healthy years
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Inside the app

Your diet, exercise, and recovery in one place

Go from action to insight faster with simple meal logging plus automated exercise and sleep tracking.

meal library of your foods with Veri

Insights for every meal

Build a library of the best foods for your body with evidence-based Meal Scores rating your meals from 1-10.

daily score over lifestyle image

Accountability for your healthy habits

Stay accountable to the metabolic habits that have the biggest impact on your health with Daily Scores.

easy to follow content

Guidance and engaging content

Learn the key concepts behind metabolic health and how to apply them to fuel your passions.

A supportive community

Ask questions or simply exchange ideas, success stories, and recipes with our private community of Veri members.

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