The CGM Insights and Guidance You’ve Been Missing

Veri is the only CGM-enabled app that doesn't require buying sensors with your membership. Get all of the insights and guidance without the extra cost.

Glucose monitoring is key to improving your metabolic health, but a CGM alone doesn’t provide the insight and guidance you need.

Veri's App Membership

Unlike other CGM-enabled apps, Veri does not require you to purchase sensors with your membership plan.

If you have access to Frestyle Libre sensors and want to supercharge your CGM with the power of Veri, our app membership gives you access to all our product features and benefits for a fraction of the cost.

Member Results

Veri’s personalised insights and guidance unlock your CGM data so you can improve your metabolic health and reach your health goals.

Make lasting changes to their diet
* Based on post use survey data
See their glucose levels improve
* Based on post use survey data
Overweight or obese individuals (=BMI >25) lose weight using Veri.

Inside the app

veri member with oura sleep data over image
meal overview logging

Your diet, exercise, and sleep in one place

Go from action to insight faster with simple meal logging plus automated sleep and exercise tracking.

meal library of your foods with Veri

Insights for every meal

Build a library of the best foods for your body with evidence-based Meal Scores rating your meals from 1-10.

daily score over lifestyle image

Accountability for your everyday habits

Stay accountable to the metabolic habits that have the biggest impact on your health with Daily Scores.

easy to follow content

Guidance and engaging content

Learn the key concepts behind metabolic health, how to apply them based on your data to improve your metabolic health.

A supportive community

Ask questions or simply exchange ideas, success stories, and recipes with our private community of Veri members.

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More than 24,000 members and counting. Join Veri today to find the you you’ve been missing.

Become a member

To unlock the full value of Veri, the Veri app must be

combined with Freestyle Librelink 1, 2, or 3 sensors

take control of your health