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Whether you've outgrown our referral programme or work every day to improve general wellness, becoming a Veri affiliate is a great way to spread the word about metabolic health and earn commission along the way.

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When you become an affiliate, you'll earn money whenever you share Veri.

  • 💰 $20 per new subscriber referred
  • 👬 20% discount for your audience
  • ❤️ Affiliate membership

Why share Veri?

Worsening metabolic health can no longer be ignored. With 88% of the US population classified as 'metabolic unhealthy', and the rest of the world not far behind, it's clear something needs to change. At the core of the problem is the food we eat. Modern diets are now predominately composed of processed foods and refined carbohydrates that, unless consciously consumed, can seriously affect how our metabolisms function. Improving our metabolic health begins by simply seeing how the food we eat affects us. Helping people gain this valuable information is at the heart of what we do. Sharing Veri (or any other company offering similar services for that matter) can help increase awareness of metabolic health and improve overall wellbeing.

We support research

The data we collect is being used to support further research into metabolic health. The more people use Veri, the better we can support these organisations.


Who can become an affiliate?

We review each application carefully. Spaces on our affiliate programme are limited and we work with people who are passionate about improving metabolic health.

We work with people from a wide range of backgrounds including those in healthcare, fitness, general wellbeing, nutrition but are open to any partnership that furthers our mission.

We prefer people who have used Veri and can authentically promote the benefits.

What’s the application process like?

It’s very simple. You apply by creating an account (name, email, password) and answering the following question: why do you think you’ll make a great Veri affiliate?

We review all applications and you will receive an email with the outcome. If you are accepted, you’ll instantly be able to log in to your affiliate dashboard, grab you unique link and start sharing!

Affiliate memberships are granted after two successful sales are attributed to your account.

How do I access my affiliate benefits?

If you are already a Veri subscriber then we’ll upgrade your account to an affiliate account. If not, then we’ll send you a code when you first sign up. 

The benefit for your audience is included in your link and will automatically be applied at checkout when they follow your link.

Your unique affiliate link, payment options and affiliate tracking will all be accessible from your dashboard meaning you can easily keep track of how many times you’ve successfully shared Veri as well as how much money you’ll get paid out each month. Payments are made 30th of each month. 

Will there be more benefits?

We are currently in a pilot phase of our affiliate programme and continue to listen to your feedback. If you have any suggestions then we’d love to hear them. You can always email hello@veristable.com with your feedback.